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For the first time at Milwaukie High School, the Maroon staff is working on an ALL-Color yearbook with a DVD supplement. The price to purchase a book has increased to $55, since November 1st. One must give their money to the Bookkeepers Office. Books are limited. Personalized name plates are also available for an additional $5. Books will be distributed in May, before the Senior's graduation.

Grades: Grade levels (10, 11, 12)
Prerequisite: Journalism 1-2. One must fill out applications and return them by specified deadlines.
Credit: half a credit (.5) per semester

Course Description:

Course Content: You will learn to produce the Maroon yearbook depending on your assignment, writing, design or photographic skills. Photographers are expected to have the skills necessary when they come on staff to operate a manual and digital camera. Those who are on the layout staff will be taught graphic design techniques using PageMaker. All staff members will have the opportunity to participate in the planning of the content of the book. Everyone must sell ads to support the book. FPS: AC